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23.08.2016 11:07

Vitamin Podcasts 012: Laertes (Gianluca Meloni)

Vitamin Podcasts-ის 012 სტუმარია Laertes Aka Gianluca Meloni (Modern Heads)

LAERTES A.K.A. Gianluca Meloni (ROME ITALY) represents the light half to a small group of innovators 
fundamentally responsible for shaping the dubby hypnotic drone style indigious to Italian techno. The resurgence of his solo project Laeartes, leaves us with a sense of his celestial connection, made evident in the layout of his live P.A.s created not so much with mind, but with the heart and soul.

His early childhood days studying with the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome marked the unfolding of his music career. In addition to his touch in art, Gianluca spans well beyond tech savvy, specializing in audio for midi set up for analogic digital instruments. The combination of the two very independent worlds, paired with his ability to fuse with perfection the various layers through audio mastering, places him on an infinite level.
His collaboration with Francesco Cianella on Light Spheres created a lighter, airy, dance-able, more upbeat sound, juxtaposing his work with Carlo Alfano of Notfromearth, where the two took a darker cinematic approach, pushing sound beyond boundaries.
October 2014 marked the release of the “Chapter II” EP, a project composed by Modern Heads Gianluca Meloni and his other half Dino Sabatini on the distinguished Outis imprint. The two track 12” has been recreated one year later with remixes by techno heavy weights Claudio PRC, Giorgio Gigli, and Donato Dozzy.